Mission OKC was established in October of 1998 as a local outreach ministry in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Its primary goal at that time was to establish onsite churches in low income apartment complexes and provide food, clothing, training classes, Bible studies and church services for the residents. It was organized under the United States tax code as a 501(c)(3) corporation. Over time, the outreach focus of the company has changed and expanded outside of Oklahoma City. In addition to actively working within Oklahoma, Mission OKC partners with other non-profits, individuals and missionaries all around the globe.  It has found that it can make the biggest difference by joining those that are already hard at work.


Whether domestically or internationally, the ultimate goal of Mission OKC is to reach a hurting world with the love, peace and hope that comes through relationship with Jesus Christ. In its benevolence efforts, Mission OKC adheres to the concept that "giving only" to those in need can hurt more than it helps by potentially creating a culture of dependency and entitlement. However, it believes that if a person has a safe/dry place to call home, nutritious food and clean water, an appropriate education and a job, and a knowledge of the peace that comes through Jesus Christ, hope will be the end result.


Hope changes everything!

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